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We started our Big Brother sites on the first day of the first Big Brother ever broadcasted. These sites in the Dutch language made Komodo Services well known for its fast and accurate reporting on the latest news about the participants.
Big Brother 1999
All you ever wanted to know about the mother of all Big Brother shows. Participants Sabine & Tara appeared in the national Playboy soon after they left the house.
Big Brother Vips
While The Netherlands was waiting for the next real Big Brother series, a special version was produced with four groups of national celebrities.

International Big Brother

Big Brother is a show produced by Endemol Entertainment for multiple television networks scattered all over the world. During a given period a number of people is locked into a house and is followed by over twenty camera's all day and night.

Big Brother is unlike any other show ever produced. At first it looks like the format resembles Real World and Expedition Robinson but the extended voyeurism, promoted by the 24h/day live video streams on the Internet and viewers voting participants out, makes it the most controversial show in television history to date.

Big Brother started in The Netherlands, Endemol Entertainment's home country, and is now spread around the western world. On this site you'll find more information about all these versions of Big Brother.

The Netherlands

The participants locked into the house in the Dutch town Almere were part of the best-watched television show in The Netherlands in 1999. In spring 2000 there was a short follow-up titled Big Brother Vips: four groups of famous people stayed in the house for one week. The Dutch nation is now preparing for Big Brother 2000, which starts September 14th.


Another Big Brother in the Dutch language produced for Kanaal 2. Starting September 2000 Dutch people have two exciting shows to watch. Check the official site in Dutch.

United States

In the USA Big Brother started July 5th. Who will win the $500.000 first price after three months? More...

United Kingdom

The British version of Big Brother started July 14th on Channel 4. More information here.


In Spain Big Brother is called Gran Hermano. Despite the different name the show is a big success. The show ended July 22nd and will surely get a sequel. Official Spanish site.


The first Big Brother in Germany, which was controversial enough for discussion by the German government, ended in June. The sequel in this country starts on September 16th. Official German site.


Grande Fratello, the Italian version of Big Brother, starts late 2000. Official Italian site.


On September 3rd another Big Brother in the German language started on TV3. Official site in German.


The Portugese version of Big Brother starts in September. Official Protugese site.

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